Norman Y. Mineta San José International Airport has two terminals: Terminal A and Terminal B.

Terminal A has an overall 17 gates (1–7, 7A (ground-level for parking positions), 8-16). In 1990, Terminal A was initially designed for American Airlines usage. Terminal A on the south-side has the area for international arrivals (Gates 15 and 16 host arrivals) except Vancouver. All entries from international flights clear customs and immigration in this area. "The Club at SJC" with two paid-entry lounges is located in Terminal A.

In this area, passengers can access beverages and snacks, shops, and various services such as duty-free, Sunglass Icon, Discover San José, Inmotion, etc. while waiting for their flights.

Terminal B has an overall 20 gates (17–36). Two of those gates, namely Gates 17-18, hosts international arrivals. Terminal B includes Baggage Claim Area, Food and Beverages (such as Starbucks, Sushi boat, Una Mas, etc.), Shops like Hudson, and various Customer services.

Travelers can quickly move to and from two Terminals at SJC as they are inter-connected. Passengers who can take a quick walk or a blue shuttle bus located at Terminal A.


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