Short-term Parking

SJC Airport has an overall six onsite parking lots, and passengers can choose according to their preferences (Economy Parking Lot 1; Daily Parking Lots 4, 6; Hourly Parking Lots 2, 3, 5;). Parking lots 2, 3 & 5 are situated in the main entrance of Terminals A and Terminal B.

The rates for short-term parking lots are the following: Parking Lot 2, 3, & 5 costs $2 per 20 minutes ($30 is a daily maximum); Parking Lots 4, 6 costs $22, and Lot 1 is $15 per day.

Long-term Parking

The same parking lots are provided for those whose choice is long-term parking. Parking rates are variable: for lot 2, 3, & 5 daily rate is $30. At Lots 4 and 6 - $22 each day; At Lot 1 - $15 in a day.

Free Parking Lots

At SJC, you can find two free lots. You can park at Airport Pkwy or Cell Phone, or on Area 2 on Airport Boulevard. But drivers who choose to use parking lots must stay in the car at all times.


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