TSA security

Norman Y. Mineta San José International Airport has security measures and procedures that are managed by TSA - the Federal Transportation Security Administration. Passengers should arrive 2 hours before scheduled departure for domestic flights as for international flights - 3 hours is recommended for security processing and check-in, to avoid any unexpected problems.

At SJC, standard security screening works and requires all the passengers to remove all type belongings. Electronic devices must be placed in a separate particular bin for X-ray screening. Sometimes under TSA requirements, passengers can be asked to remove metal-belongings or even shoes during X-ray checking.

Legal Identification

Norman Y. Mineta San José International Airport works under TSA requirements for security procedures. According to TSA, adults 18 and over must present valid identification documents at the checkpoints. As for young travelers under 18 who move within the United States are not required to show any identification. Since 2020 (Oct. 1), travelers with a license or state-issued ID can fly within the United States, but remember to check whether your document is REAL ID compliant.

Security Checkpoints at San José International Airport

Security checkpoints at SJC airport usually open at 3:45 AM in Terminal A, whereas in Terminal B, it opens at 4:00 AM. All the passengers should mind that they must show an airline boarding pass and photo ID ready to be allowed to get to the security checkpoint in both terminals.

Departure Terminals

In 2010, June 30, the terminal B officially opened with various features such as shared use ticket gates/counters, dramatic daylit spaces, and seats with USB ports and power cords. The terminal B has 20 gates (from 17 to 36), from which two are only for international arrival gates (mainly Gates 17-18). Southwest Airlines hosts Alaska Airlines, British Airways, and Hainan Airlines.


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