Taxi Service

Taxis at SJC have on-demand service and are accessible from at Stop 2 in Terminal A. At Stop 1 in Terminal B. Additionally, Taxis at SJC provide transportation for travelers with folding wheelchairs with no additional charge. Still, advance notice should be made with the driver. Approximate Taxi rates are a minimum of $15, including the airport fee of $1.50. As for travelers over 65, or with disabilities, will receive the total fare 15% discount off.


SJC airport provides Rideshares transportation from/to the airport. All the passengers who wish to use the Rideshare service must reserve the seat online, preferably via a smartphone app.

Passengers can be picked up from Terminal A Arrivals area - Stop 1; Terminal B Stops 8 and 9.

Door to Door Shuttles

Door to Door Shuttles the service provided by SJC has on-demand service. Passengers can find it at stop 2 (Terminal A) and Stop 2 (Terminal B). Remember that shuttles work as a prearranged basis, so you should contact the company of your choice and book a seat. Once a passenger reserves, a shuttle will pick him/her up at Stop 3 (Terminal A), and at Stop 11 (Terminal B).


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